Social Media & Open Source Investigations


Training classes focuses on open source searching techniques, free resources, legal issues, and best practices for online investigations. The class will explore some of the tools, tricks and obstacles required to investigate social media and open source based investigations.

The class will go hands-on and look at how you can use open source tools to see what is happening anywhere in the world and right next door. The class will look at information you can use to complete a picture of a targets or investigations.

Students will learn how they can utilize open source and social media as an investigative research tool to…

Learn HTML basics and IP addresses 

Learn about the surface, deep web, and the dark web 

Use browsers and search engines to find personal information about targets 

solve/prevent crimes 

search for, use, and save information they find 

Do real-time listening 

Understand basic and advance social media searching 

Use apps for investigations 

Know how it can help or hurt your investigations 

Understand the legal pitfalls of using social media

Recognize officer safety and your families safety 

Hiding on the internet for investigations and personal use 

Hosting agencies get 5 free seats with 30 paid students.

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